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Nutrition Supplements,Cos metics, jewelry, electronics Ajay Store INDIA
Books, audio programs, DNA of Success Seminars, TZE Weekend Retreats, keynote Speaking, personal Mentoring and business consulting Jack M. Zufelt UNITED STATES
High-end Fair Trade Gifts, including: Handmade Turquoise Jewelry, Gemstone Pendants, Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil Jewelry, Authentic Native American Pottery and Jewelry, African Drums and other Percussion Instruments Copper’s Treasure Chest UNITED STATES
Many handmade products, plus jewelry, keychains, and more JmeGirl Shop UNITED STATES
Men and Women Clothing and General Store Merchandise E.D. Brown, Inc. UNITED STATES
Housewares, kitchen knives, hunting knives, etc. Parker Nutrition Center UNITED STATES
College logo products, sporting goods, electronics, and much more Horn’s Discount Variety Store UNITED STATES
Jewelry, household products, collectible, PC/laptop accessories, mobile phone accessories, and more Best Buys UNITED KINGDOM
Silver, gold and gemstone jewelry, plus clothing, collectibles, antiques, household items, trading cards and more Silver Gold New and Old UNITED STATES
Books, household & gift merchandise TDT Enterprises UNITED STATES
Product will have you losing 3 dress sizes in minutes, with no surgery, diet, exercise, or pills required. Super Easy Shopping UNITED STATES
Gifts Designs By Inspiration UNITED STATES
Vitamins, toys, beauty supplies, music CD’s, exercise books & DVD’s, digital cameras, MP3 players, men & women fragrance gift sets Johnsons Giftsubuy UNITED STATES
Home and garden decor World One Merchandise UNITED STATES
Candles, Candleholders, Lanterns, Oilwarmers, Collectables, Body & Bath Gift Baskets, Home & Garden Products, Chess Sets, Electronics, and more Tom ‘n’ Shirley’s Kandle ‘n’ Gift Korner UNITED STATES
General merchandise (gifts, jewelry, toys, and more) Calvin Kleinhans UNITED STATES
Health & wellness, and personal care products HB Prime NetWork Marketing INDIA
E-books, digital downloads, computer programs, and other computer products Pilgaard Marketing DENMARK
OEM, compatible, and remanufactured printer & copier ink, toner, and ribbons Greentrees Bits and Pieces USA
Weight management products and cosmetics James Parks CANADA
E-books, software Toni Suhartono INDONESIA
Art, craft, design, creatives 360 Art 2 Design SOUTH AFRICA
Instant Advanced Meditation Course CD set and Home-Study Course Garuda, Inc. USA
E-books, e-courses, e-reports, software, articles and others VISAVIS ONLINE STORE PHILIPPINES
Electronic products such as software, EBooks,PLR/MRR software,PLR Articles International Computers USA
Downloadable products My eBusiness Guide NIGERIA
Japanese games: Mahjong sets and accessories; Hanafuda playing card decks; Shogi (Japanese chess) sets; Go sets, Japanese manga comics, other Japanese goods; abacus; pens Japanese Games Shop JAPAN
International Travel Card, E-books, CD’s, software Consu Care Inc INDIA
Digital products, e-books PeopleWeb USA
Nintendo Wii products, Webkinz Plush Pets, Zhu Zhu Pets, Elmo Live, Collectibles, Personalized Products, Books, Games, Toys, Wholesale Products National Personalized Products USA
Wide variety of figurines, statues, water-fountains, garden items, outdoor furniture, tools, jewelry, religious items, chess sets, spa baskets, candles, and more Big Value House USA
Digital products for professionals working in Engineering, Agriculture, Computers and IT, etc. Vijay INDIA
Downloadable reports, e-books, and software for Internet and affiliate marketing, personal development and more. All Things Possible USA
Electronics, collectibles, and handbags Smithswholesalestore USA
Electronics, home items, sporting goods, general department store items, and more Jim Fanelli And Associates USA
Hand Tools, shop tools, home tools, tool chests & cabinets, much more. Iowa Trading Post USA
Digital products (e-books, videos, software) E Books Online Supermarket CHINA
Oso Negro coffee (roasted and packed in Nelson BC, Canada). Chocolate made in Nelson BC. NelsonCoffee.ca CANADA
Business tools Business Tools BULGARIA
E-books Lie’s INDONESIA
Business strategies for explosive growth in the new economy featuring Guntars Stikovs with Brian Tracy Guntars Stikovs store IRELAND
E-books, softwares, and web services such as web development and web applications Web Dimensions THAILAND
Hospitality and Travel Services Olayinka Oyelami Hotels Ltd NIGERIA
Books on CD, ebooks The Again Shop USA
Jewelry, watches and more Country’s Jewelry USA
Nollywood movies, Anjo herbal mixture NURAHOLD NIGERIA LIMITED NIGERIA
Personal fitness training Us Sports Strength and Conditioning USA
All natural home-made cosmetics, beauty and skin care, fragrance, jewelry, gifts, dvds, video games, apparel, hats, belts, handbags, shoes Jessica’s Home Decor USA
Watkins products, health products, household equipment and copywriting and editing services KAISER DISTRIBUTING – SPECIALITIES – SERVICE – MISC. USA
A set of videos covering 189 Internet Marketer Mistakes that could enable an Internet Marketer to shortcut his/her Success journey. I also see e-books. Prawfeed Marketing SINGAPORE
E-books anuwatpong THAILAND
E-books and software My Home Digital Download Shop PHILIPPINES
Tye dye shirts, e-books Harold’s E-books USA
Non weapon based self defense products. Personal alarms, whistles, lights, door alarms,diversion safes, pool alarms, car safety products AJJ Guides USA
Software, ebooks, videos, general merchandise. NetMark Store USA
A book of Poetry MrVasco’s USA
Informational products for business HomeWorkRiches SOUTH AFRICA
E-books, software, scripts Digital Downloads & Super Gifts CANADA
Self-help products Valuable Digital Downloads INDONESIA
Lanterns & Lighting, Candles & Scents, Home Decor & more JV’s Bargain Treasure Chest USA
Radio SFI is an Internet Radio station and website featuring music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The station broadcasts 24/7. All commercials aired on the station are SFI commercials that direct listeners to various SFI banners and buttons displayed on the website. Gemini Radio Group USA
Accessories and e-book Ardya’s Shop INDONESIA
E-books Homebiz-Supermarket NIGERIA
Handmade items – Soap, blankets & more Simply Spices Soap USA
Healing Compound Device Based On Metallized Film HEALING BLANKET STORE RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Indonesia Jamu/herbal for health IDjamu INDONESIA
organic rice and more FIFIFAR INDONESIA
Coffee filters, boxed tea bags, teapots, teapots, Chemex products, Brown Bettys from England, tea bag holders, travel mugs House of Coffee UNITED STATES
Glass painting, pot painting, & crafts Prajit Creations INDIA
Vintage record albums. Treasures Again UNITED STATES
Furniture, e-books Ahola Production Online FINLAND
Children’s books DB-R Designs USA
Health and wellness Parker Enterprises USA
Books, collectibles, electronics, jewelry and nutritional products. Jimmie’s Trading Post USA
New and used books Leila Rose-Gordon USA
Handmade cultural clothing of Ethiopia usually wore during holy days and special occasions Cultural Ethiopian ETHIOPIA
Electronics, Giftware, Computer Tablets, Knick Knacks, Fashion, Jewelry Xlozi AUSTRALIA
Better Poise Builder Pack: Conquering your fears, Discovering your real worth, Strengthening your self esteem, Developing basic social skills, and more Psychology Associates NIGERIA
Music, music loops Studio Urania SWEDEN
Gifts; home & garden decor and furniture; apparel & accessories for men & women; bath & body care; hardware & tools; candles & scents EBM Enterprise ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA
Digital products (E-Books,videos, audio books) Goldenpick MALAWI
Book, ‘Jocelyn’s Journey’, an Australian Christian historical fiction romance novel CarolineFraser AUSTRALIA
E-books, e-book readers Global Discounts NETHERLANDS
New and used educational, professional & computer related products MSM GLOBAL STORE SAUDI ARABIA
Philatelic ITEMS, Collector Edition Cans of Coca Cola, Books and more to come Sanjeev Suri from INDIA INDIA
Homemade bath teas, herbal sachets, hats & scarves. By Lynnea USA
Women’s apparel, fragrances for men and women, and jewelry Edens USA
Personal care products Where your beauty matters (avon) USA
Virgin Coconut oil from Ghana and Golden Tree Chocolate Ghanaiantreats GHANA
Protective maintenance products for your vehicle’s engine, fuel systems, drivetrain and exterior Roebernint CANADA
Translation and Interpretation from Russian to English & Vice-versa Vizag Translations INDIA
Handmade wooden crafts and items for the home. Bird Houses, Picture Frames, etc. Wood Crafts Shop USA
Avon-bubble bath, deodorant, small electronicS mdr_global USA
Gift Certificates for coaching and counselling, in one or a bundle of several session. E-books on working out your personal problems and/or growth. Transfiguration Counselling CANADA
Kitchen Sets, Furniture Jaya Furniture INDONESIA
Cosmetics and beauty care: toothcream, face and body cream etc. Cross-stitch patterns: downloadable and packed DGift HUNGARY
Greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, and other crafted items. Roberta’s Emporium USA
Wall fabric, handcraft, custom-designed dress material LISON SKY SHOP INDIA
Books Irma Ward-Hegedus HUNGARY
Handmade with embroidery and crocheted tablecloths and details of the house. BigMan SERBIA
Designer of glass and ceramics Mercedes Krnacs HUNGARY
Logo design IngoxStudio SERBIA
Discount Hotel Vacation Vouchers good in over 20 Cities. $500 Las Vegas Vouchers good for meals, entertainment shows, and more! AC Enterprises USA
We provide a range of tailor-made marketing services which help you to promote, build and consolidate, your SFI business Proprofit – Global Marketing Services UK
Mobile Communication Recharge Credit Cards Juiced Up! Communications NIGERIA
Custom-made jewelry, unique African oil paintings, collectibles, sculpture, arts and crafts, ceramics Diamond House Digitals GHANA
Handicrafts, paper products, cards, paintings, Saa Paper umbrellas, bone carvings, cultural, History e-books, videos, ceramics. Northern Thai Handicrafts THAILAND
Household, home appliances and gift items UniqueTrendz ….we deliver NIGERIA
Lady sunglasses Foong Wan Choy MALAYSIA
Computer accessories and digitally downloadable products, e.g. eBooks and software Oscarnet1 Communication NIGERIA
E-books Antonija CROATIA
E-book That Great Place USA
Finished coral beads both in necklaces and bracelets Ritematic Store CANADA
Photographs, books Jenei Ildiko HUNGARY
Worker bags for men/women Diorama INDONESIA
Postage stamps, beauty products, collections aecsea – Marketplace HUNGARY
Homemade sauces and marinates, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives M Greif Products AUSTRALIA
Art works: wood carvings, pyrography, fretworks… P.F. “Oana” Todor Nicolae ROMANIA
Digital products Success’s Resources USA
Gifts, collectibles, health and beauty, home and garden, and a variety of other items Pats Bazaar USA
Hand crafted beaded jewelry, painted items, dream pillows, bird houses Sullivan Road Crafts USA
E-books, CDs, books, records, pictures, stamps, small household appliances Laszlo Szilard HUNGARY
Digital downloads and computer related items such as RAM Rees Online Services LLC USA
Cell phones, home and garden, umbrellas, towels tatok shop INDONESIA
Office Supplies, Equipment, Books, Desktop computers, Laptop, Electronics and accessories, home supplies and health foods Richgerochi International CANADA
Kitchen cupboards Gerda’stuff SOUTH AFRICA
E-stories and e-books RS company BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Consulting, Project management, Business educations, EBCL courses, ECDL courses, Internet education webinars Gajger CROATIA
Designer Clothing Silk Queen Designs SOUTH AFRICA
Books, Audio Books, Electronics, iPod&MP3, Music & Games, Phones Little Shop SERBIA
Language course for Serbian speaking people and other e books Cleopatra SERBIA
Electronics: PC peripherals, Home appliances, Sound systems Smart phones & Accessories, Mobile Communication, Game Consoles & Peripherals Giorkas Trading Company CYPRUS
E-books, Handmade Souvenirs, jewelry Blue moon BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Computer books, manuals, software books BEORALEX SERBIA
Health & Wellness, Household Utilities CBS Marketing Group UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Hand-crafted items, stretching equip. and more Bob’s Store USA
Knit, Woven, Denim clothing Benetex Industries Ltd BANGLADESH
Silver and Gold Bullion of various sized bars; Silver and Gold Jewelry Rusty Roar Enterprises AUSTRALIA
British Fossil And Gemstone Products Stratagems UK
Used computers, scanners, zip drives, cameras, hard drives, memory, other Hospitalitylane USA
E-books Comisionar CROATIA
Digital products, The PTC Code course and all related products eMoneyGuide EGYPT
Custom-designed jewelry, Hand-crafted gift items, ethnic wear, fashion accessories, packaging boxes, items for interior decoration Sabarna Das INDIA
Mobile phones, tablet PCs and related accessories MarketingPower PORTUGAL
Custom Stickers, Hats, Garage Banners, Flags Big Dog Technologies USA
Used electronics, books, kids items, tools, antiques Annie’s Buried Treasure & Ads! USA
A variety of items: toiletries, food, clothing, & more. The Online Variety Store MALAYSIA
eBooks PennyPula ZIMBABWE
Oil and acrilic paintings, drawings, digital artwork and downloadable pictures, foto prints ART studio Mikan SERBIA
Consultation, training, books, documents, build-it instructions, household items, tools, gifts, food, garden supplies, vitamins The Community Advocate THAILAND
Projects, thesis, Textbooks, Note Books, Comic Books, painting, handy craft, toys Sale4everything PAKISTAN
E-books, HHO generators Knight Denirs Eco Store CROATIA
Guavano (sour soup) fruit Vita Plus USA
Postcards originals of Ferrari, Sport and others with timbre original. We have also stamps. POSTCARDS AND OTHERS ITALY
Transferceutical Products, transferring immune memory and knowledge 4Life Transfer Factor PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Royal jelly products with vitamins and minerals, and other bee products Royal Bee SERBIA
Home care, Personal Care, and Nutrition Products Supermart INDIA
E-books, Games, Movies, Gifts,Computer Softwares, Health Products & for Self interest development items Spot Gain Superstore MALAYSIA
Safety & Security Equipment sales and services, Laptop sales & repairs, Mobile Phone sales & repairs Valueserv Ventures Limited NIGERIA
T-Shirts ranging from sizes Small to 4XL and in colors White, Yellow, Red & Black! Hoodies small to 3XL. LAJMCKAY Enterprise CANADA
Software, E-Books, Tools KIK CROATIA
Spray Universal SWOBB provides safe cleaning of the entire house Teodora Chicinas ROMANIA
Consulting on agro-pastoral products of Niger Agropast-consult NIGERIA
Digital downloads, e-books, internet marketing tools, business consultations PARSS LTD. BULGARIA
Custom jewelry, custom garments, jewelry, hand-made jewelry/garments Buyandsellstuffonline USA
Jewelry Manjas Onlinehandel GERMANY
Shampoo, Conditioner, Dishsoap, Bathing Soap, Hand Soap, Toothpaste, and more. Ringlings USA
Lingzhi coffee, cocozhi, herbal tea, ganozhi soap, ganozhi toothpaste, gift articles, books pcbrain INDIA
E-books Oriflame Cosmetics shop SERBIA
DVD Movies and Music Store and Digital downloads Fanfi Digital SERBIA
E-books Florina-Camelia Enescu ROMANIA
Jewellary sets, 6 person tent, Australina wood carvings, Monoply Game and more. acm Store AUSTRALIA
Hand-crafted products made from the famous Kisii soapstone, hard woods found in East Africa, beads and other materials found in East Africa Great Gift Sets and Carvings KENYA
E-books FRadon GERMANY
Handstitched, multi-panel synthetic suede footbags (aka hacky sacks) Canadian Footbag Alliance CANADA
Water purifers electric and Reverse Osmosis for normal and mixed water for domestic and industrial purpose K . Jivanji INDIA
Be An Affiliate Marketing Master; Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers; Keyword Research; Kindle Publishign Guide; How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan RAGHNYA DIGITAL FLORA INDIA
Watches Prasanth store INDIA
Informational products SmartBrainz Online Resource NIGERIA
Souvenirs from Croatia,honey and honey based products SILLORY CROATIA
Repair & anti-virus packages, Tools to optimize your P.C. functioning and processing speed., Internet connection optimization Legitimate Software AUSTRALIA
Nutritional products CaliVita Int.SRB Fitco doo SERBIA
Tutoring in Academic subjects. Sale of academic books for children at pre-school and primary school, pens and gift sets. John’s Tutoring UNITED KINGDOM
Computers/Laptops, Computer accessories, Networking devices, Electronics, Software solutions, digital products etc. Dior Networx Solutions NIGERIA
Handmade crochet afghans, vests, etc, some jewelry Fran’s Home Biz USA
Handmade lace, antiques myoldlace SERBIA
Women’s apparel, suits, dresses and accessories Lydias Fashions Canada CANADA
Health and Wellness Products Four Plateaus Estate AUSTRALIA
Clothing, household goods, consumer goods. AustinFunTips USA
Gourmet Coffee Okeechobee Health Coffee USA
Jewleries, watches PF Rodi Calcea ROMANIA
Antiques/collectibles, estate items, vintage camera equipment, toys BZS Enterprises USA
Lead generation syr web design USA
Electrical products such as home automation, safety devices, outlets, switches, trims, etc Riddles’ Electrical And More USA
Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads, Brochures, Labels, Aluminium plates, Warning signs, Traffic/Road signs, other screen-printed products Grafopromet SERBIA
E-books written in French which can help french speaking people to master SFI and TripleClicks La Boutique des Francophones COTE D’IVOIRE
Hand-crafted, custom-designed anklets, bracelets, necklaces and rosaries. Individually sewn pet collars, harnesses and leashes Produkto de Filipinas PHILIPPINES
Information Technology Software and Hardware, Digital, Computer Accessories, Educational Training ‘Basket of Bargains’ SOUTH AFRICA
Perfume Oli&Luxury Collection ROMANIA
Hand-woven fabric (KENTE), Custom-designed dress (AGBADA), Light beads, Wooden hand-crafted artifacts, Hand-crafted ladies bags. Jemax Company Litmited GHANA
Success guides for making money online Advertising Network BRAZIL
Large assortment of cufflinks justcufflinks AUSTRALIA
Consulting services for Network Marketing Auerbach Marketing Group USA
Shirts Largefortunes Enterprise KENYA
Homemade baby products Blankets by Becca USA
Like new and used books, handcrafted pillows and book jacket. Midges Books and Stuff USA
Online services for your marketing success: Web design, advertising, seo services, and more MLMJob CZECH REPUBLIC
Misc. products Kelwa Moses KENYA
E-books, music, videos Links Technologies NIGERIA
ladies garments NNS COMPANY INDIA
Traffic sharing to boost the traffic on your website vitabonu c/o Jochen Fuhrmann GERMANY
Handcrafted items made from bone of palm leaves Ingke Bali INDONESIA
Ladies wear, bags, accessories, etc. Solid Home Business PHILIPPINES
E-books Comeau E-Commerce CANADA
South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) Aligned Training Material (Full qualifications and unit standards) TripleTicks Ebookshop SOUTH AFRICA
Women’s clothing shoes and boots, also childrens shoes and clothing Brkthrustar Ventures UNITED KINGDOM
English Russian interpreter, guide, tutor Vladsights RUSSIAN FEDARATION
Assorted non-fiction e-book on Information Technology, business, physical education, online marketing, Financial matters, etc. “>Decency Enterprises NIGERIA
E-books, Software, New Mobile Phones & Fairly Used Mobile Phones, Food Supplements Acican Technologies Limited NIGERIA
Handcrafted beaded creations Sherry Butler… (beadworker) UNITED STATES
Guaranteed traffic, guaranteed sign-ups, marketing e-books The Marketing Shop UNITED KINGDOM
Collector’s R&B Albums Infoserv Marketing UNITED STATES
Housing Agencja Reklamowa Art-Zyw POLAND
Photos, art Art Magic CROATIA
E-books Special e-books uk UNITED KINGDOM
Fine fashion jewelry Heavin Enterprises UNITED STATES
Electronics, Home Decor, Kitchen items, Garden items, Jewerly, Tools, Toys, E-books, and more Pebble’s Corner UNITED STATES
Music, singing and vocal training products. Mentorprizes UNITED STATES
Advertising Amarillas Internet MEXICO
Imported electronic and technology goods from Hi-tech watches to laptop and tablet pc’s Haase Infotech UNITED STATES
Unique hand made jewelry and home decoration Just Jasmine SERBIA
Hand made crafts. Turned wooden items and hand crafted sewing items. Ramli ROMANIA
Education, Electronics, Books, Computers, Digital downloads KRISH FANCY SRI LANKA
Solar-powered audio players, XFT extreme fuel treatment, toy sales Bridgemaker Co Ltd THAILAND
The best classical CD´s of Karlicek Brothers (Cello & Piano) and other ensembles Karlicek Records Shop GERMANY
Household’s daily (food/eating) consumables Faimery Nigeria Limited NIGERIA
Computer Products, eBooks, Digital Downloads, Softwares, Books etc. Arabian Marketplace BAHRAIN
E-Books, Software, Travel, Vacation Friedrich Fritz GERMANY
Salon cars from affordable to luxury cars Cyberbiz GH GHANA
Custom-designed jewelry, Gifts, Books, Tools&Automotive. Magic store MACEDONIA
New and used fiction and nonfiction soft cover and hardcover books GPBlogz and Whatnots UNITED STATES
Kaspersky Internet Security & Anti-Virus, ADSL & Compatible Laser Cartridges CK Home & Office Supplies SOUTH AFRICA
household goods, power tools and ebooks FREE shipping Shipping takes about 3 weeks for delivery. Ivo’s Warehouse CROATIA
Energy and nutrition bars Internet Income Corporation UNITED STATES
e-books, dxn ganoderma products, gift items SRISAI INDIA
From digital downloads to physical products, I cover it from A-Z! Orchid Junction UNITED STATES
Vintage Collectables Southard-Leach Enterprises UNITED STATES
Products for the home, yard and gift giving Kdt Wholesale UNITED STATES
Website and social media services, digital products, mobile apps DotCom Market Solutions UNITED STATES
Belts, socks,E-books Lutra (Vidra) – fast solution SERBIA
Computers, computer peripherals accessories, notebooks, netbooks, network equipment, all kinds of computer services MD2 Computers SERBIA
Clothing for the fuller figure, self-authored ebooks. Maree Designs NEW ZEALAND
Dream catchers Jandilson Melo BRAZIL
E-books, software Biz NETHERLANDS
Electronics, Jewelry Top Deal Store INDIA
60 videos and templates–step by step guide of how to design professional websites/blogs. Ebooks. Emolade NIGERIA
Hand-crafted jewelry and paintings Key West Cyber Mall UNITED STATES
A variety of E-books from different subjects: Marketing, Health, Computer and Programming, and other subjects E-books and More Plus UNITED STATES
Hand-crafted, custom-designed jewelry Happy Store SERBIA
Digital products including ebooks, reports, software, video courses, articles, ready made websites, plugins, and more. Flex To Hire EGYPT
Biodisc, Icheck, Swatchs, Jewelry MySouk ALGERIA
Deodorant, moisturizing lotions, cosmetics, lipstick, perfumes Deo shop INDIA
Natural soaps, Dead Sea products Tabor Online ISRAEL
Handmade jewelry or custom designed, clothes, makeup, handbags, shoes. Segovia Import and Export PANAMA
Accounting and CRM Software; Camping Equipment Prospec SOUTH AFRICA
Mailing lists Master Marketing ICELAND
E-books for advertising, marketing and self help Grunt Frog UNITED STATES
Health care products Al-Imran INDIA
e-Books and software Vizion Digitals JAMAICA
E-books JD’s Assortments CANADA
Books and ebooks Booksvine UNITED KINGDOM
Ebooks, Special articles, Coins The Serenity Store CANADA
E Books , Video Tutorials, Audio Tutorials Direct Digital Information PHILIPPINES
E-books, gift items, general items, garments, cloth Al Urooj Markets PAKISTAN
Gifts, Numismatics and Collectible items LivingSelections SINGAPORE
Fuel enhancement products CEDAX GROUP GHANA
Books Kusztos Benedek HUNGARY
Christian Movies and Music Video The Pillar Films, Nigeria NIGERIA
Hand crafted Items, Books, Jewelry Deja VU UNITED STATES
Green products, food and beverages Green and Good SINGAPORE
Cottage rental D & B STORE CROATIA
Purses, jewelry, Clothing (t-shirts, jeans), hand crafted specialized teddy bears A-Rusalka, Inc. UNITED STATES
Floral Arrangements Cvecara “Mare” SERBIA
Custom made address signs and mailbox posts. I represent a company that provides vinyl signs, banners, magnetic signs, bumper stickers, etc. Suwannee Signs And Mailbox Posts UNITED STATES
Hand-painted icons on wood lime, technique 600 years old Byzantine style colors with emulsion of eggs, boards have a base sheet 24 k gold Grail SERBIA
Hand-crafted, custom-designed jewelry, clothing design, fashion design Dream Fashion SERBIA
Office Supplies Shop N Save UNITED STATES
Weight loss Supplements, vitamins and protein for men and women EZ-HealthSolutions UNITED STATES
Cheap perfumes, household products like dishwashing liquid, laundry softeners, and various beauty products Dirk Vanderdonckt BELGIUM
E-books, Clothing Marvest International Co NIGERIA
Electronics, digital, and gift items StarzIX INDONESIA
Mexican, South American and Asian imported clothing and games and gifts unique items UNITED STATES
Dairy, Yogurt drinks, Ebooks Cibank Onis Resourses Ltd NIGERIA
Massage therapy MANILA, masaža 13 Arlene Zarifa s.p. SLOVENIA
Dietery Supplements YYZ Vitamins & Supplements CANADA
Fashion jewelry, Accessories NN Co ARMENIA
E-books Saffers Mall SOUTH AFRICA
E-books Money Making Money D.D.P CANADA
Handcrafted mixed media Deb’s Crafts and Gifts UNITED STATES
Natural energy drinks and Life changing e-books Adadis ventures NIGERIA
Collectors Postage Stamps, Hand Crafts, Leather Crafts, Knitted and Crocheted Goods, Homemade Items, Bead Crafts, Patchwork and Quilt-work, e-Books Bettos Variety Corner SOUTH AFRICA
Workout, weight loss and nutritional supplements, workout DVDs, beauty supplies and products TMak Enterprises UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Hand-crafted, custom-designed jewelry Alex story SERBIA
E-books and software buycheaply INDONESIA
SEO services such as directories submission, Article Submission, blog posting, blog comments, ad posting SEO Expert INDIA
Books (Novels); E-books; Hand crafted Cards OJ Francis Enterprises UNITED KINGDOM
Cell Phones & Accessories Sharma Associat INDIA
All Natural or Organic Beef Jerky, Fruit Stix, Pet treats Dougs LLC UNITED STATES
Software, reports, ebooks, turnkey websites SPKS Marketing UNITED STATES
New World products, electronics, outdoor, indoor, Home and Garden, kitchen and tools French Creek Outlet UNITED STATES
Clothing, footwear, handicrafts, coins, etc. Second Hand Product UKRAINE
Computers, Mobile devices and accessories, electronics, Home appliances, Games, EBooks, Home care, Personal Care Products OASIS GROUP BAHRAIN
Products that are focused on family well-being, including personal care, nutrition and lifestyle Beckybec-Loves SINGAPORE
E-Books, Towels, Hand Made Picture Frames, Essential Oils, Cancer T-Shirts Bargains 4 Now SOUTH AFRICA
Hand and custom designed jewelry, fuel savers and second hand items rhemaworks SINGAPORE
Web hosting services. Host Plenty UNITED KINGDOM
Crafts made with yarn, crocheted, etc. Diana Fields Cornycrafts and Services UNITED STATES
Advertising, insurance B&H Market BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Wide variety of household and gift items including seasonal decorative accents and decor items. Affordable Family Gifts UNITED STATES
Products jewelery, watches, accessories, cosmetics FM Cosmetics UK Ltd UNITED KINGDOM
Crocheted tablecloths, towels, slippers for children, gloves, scarves Mariana Haheu-Ciobanu MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF
Old mining lamp karabit Vamco Miner MONTENEGRO
Pants for women and men, suits, shirts, blouses and many other items. Wellmar BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
E-books Stop & Shop SERBIA
Skin care products Redefine Skin Care UNITED STATES
Home and garden décor, gifts for family and friends. Helen’s Home Decor UNITED STATES
Woman fashion articles (clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry) Fashion Store CROATIA
Hand-crafted products, Paintings MyLuckyBooStore ROMANIA
Books for children and young adults, Oil paintings, Self-authored e-Books Webstilus klub CROATIA
New bluetooth headset devices, Books for kids ,E-Books, own product line of souvenirs, kids clothes THE GREAT SERBIA
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Standard Income Every Month

  1. If you are Serious to earn potential income every month through online from your home, then you are the right person and you can proceed to read this.

First of all we shall know, for what organisation we are working for and how long it has served the people to fulfill people’s aspirations.

The Organisation we are going to work for is SFI (Strong Future International ) . A  Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 80,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.

Stability & Longevity

The mark of a successful company can be seen in its track record. SFI is now in its 17th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world. SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 29th year of business and is registered with Dun and Bradstreet. SFI affiliates operate with the peace of mind brought about by associating with a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.

How we can earn money from SFI?

Three simple steps to become success and earn money from SFI

1) Become an Executive Affiliate(EA) and try to remain as and EA every month

2) Join Five affiliates under your down line

3) Teach them how to become an EA every month

When will you start getting income?

You will start earning money from SFI by becoming as a Team leader.

you will get the share when you become the Team leader. Currently the value of the share is $ 100.00

a) Bronze Team leader ( 1 share)

b) Silver Team leader (2 shares)

c) Gold Team leader ( 3 shares)

d) Platinum Team leader ( 4 shares)

e) Diamond Team leader ( 5 shares)


Advance to the rank of EA (Executive Affiliate)


Qualifications (monthly):

1500 VP (any combination of VersaPoints from your To Do List)


Advance to the rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader)


Qualifications (monthly):

  1. 3000 VP (min. 1500 VP from sales/purchases)
  2. 1) PSA with the min. rank of EA2

Example for achieving the necessary 3000 VP to be a BTL:

  1. 1500 VP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases
  2. 1000 VP from any combination of daily/weekly/monthly free actions and other activities like Pricebenders bidding, Eager Zebra game plays, etc. from the To-Do List
  3. 500 VP for developing 5 EA2s on your first level (earn 100 VP each for your support of 5 EA2s, as shown in diagram)


Advance to the rank of STL (Silver Team Leader)


Qualifications (monthly):

  1. 4000 VP (min. 1500 VP from sales/purchases)
  2. (2) PSAs with the min. rank of BTL

Example for achieving the necessary 4000 VP to be a STL:

1500 VP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

1500 VP from any combination of daily/weekly/monthly free actions and other activities like Pricebenders bidding, Eager Zebra game plays, etc. from the To-Do List

1000 VP for developing 5 BTLs on your first level (earn 200 VP each for your support of 5 BTLs, as shown in diagram)


Advance to the rank of GTL (Gold Team Leader)


Qualifications (monthly):

5000 VP (min. 1500 VP from sales/purchases)

(3) PSAs with the min. rank of STL

Example for achieving the necessary 5000 VP to be a GTL:

1500 VP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

2000 VP from any combination of daily/weekly/monthly free actions and other activities like Pricebenders bidding, Eager Zebra game plays, etc. from the To-Do List

1500 VP for developing 5 STLs on your first level (earn 300 VP each for your support of 5 STLs, as shown in diagram)


Advance to the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader)


Qualifications (monthly):

6000 VP (min. 1500 VP from sales/purchases)

(4) PSAs with the min. rank of GTL

Example for achieving the necessary 6000 VP to be a PTL:

1500 VP from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases

2500 VP from any combination of daily/weekly/monthly free actions and other activities like Pricebenders bidding, Eager Zebra game plays, etc. from the To-Do List

2000 VP for developing 5 GTLs on your first level (earn 400 VP each for your support of 5 GTLs, as shown in diagram)



Qualifications (monthly):

1500 VP from any combination of sales and/or purchases

5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level



How to become the Team Leader?

To become a Bronze Team Leader you should have Five  EA2 under your down line. EA2 means  an affiliate should remain as a EA for 2 months.

You  will be a Bronze Team Leader , until the Five affiliates under your down line are EA2 and you will earn one share ( 1 x $100 = $100)

To become a Silver Team Leader you should have Five Bronze Team  Leader under your down line.  As a Silver Team leader you will get 2 shares ( 2 x $100= $200)

To become a Gold Team Leader you should have Five Silver Team Leader under your down line. As a Gold Team Leader you will get 3 shares ( 3 X $100= $300)

To become a Platinum Team Leader you should have Five Gold Team Leader under your down line. As a Platinum Team Leader you will get 4 shares ( 4X$100=$400)

To become a Diamond Team Leader you should have Five Platinum Leader under your down line. As a Diamond Team Leader you will get 5 shares ( 5 X $100= $500)

Note : 1)Two years before when i joined as an affiliate the value of one share was just $17. After two year it may become $500.The Value of the share is increasing every month.

2) You can have as many EA2 under your down line to increase your income.

Earnings Calculator:

Assume that you can join 5 members per month and 5 members will become EA every month , Then your income will be:

$135.30 per month after 6 months ($1,623.60/yr)
$1,458.30 per month after 12 months ($17,499.60/yr)
$3,159.30 per month after 18 months ($37,911.60/yr)
$5,508.30 per month after 24 months ($66,099.60/yr)

Now you have an Idea, how important to become an EA in SFI.

How to become an EA every month?

To Qualify as a EA , you should gain 1500 versa points in a month. Every month you should get 1500 versa points to remain your EA Status.

How to gain 1500 Versa points every month?

Versa points are two type :

1)Action Versa Points

2)Sale Versa Points.

Action Versa Points: There are several type of Action versa points you found in To-Do-List Page. But There are 3 types that you should concentrate every month.  They are : 1) Daily 2) Weekly 3) Monthly

Daily versa points are 12 ( 12 x 30 =360) ————360

Weekly VP are  3             ( 3 X 4 =12) —————–12

Monthly VP are                 ( 20 x  1 =20)—————-20

For complete list of Action Versa points check To-Do-List page after you sign up as an affiliate.

Sale Versa Points:  Whenever you purchase OR sell  products from Tripleclicks , you will be awarded with versapoints. The versapoints varies for each  product . There are certain products at Tripleclicks, by purchasing or Selling one of those product you will get 1500 versa points at once.  There are  more than 90,000 products available at Tripleclicks to purchase OR sell.

Duplication:  When a Affiliate under your down line become EA2 by gaining 1500 versapoints, you will also get 1500 versapoints in your account. Duplication has the power to remain you as a Team leader.

What is Tripleclicks?

Tripleclicks  is the e-commerce site of SFI.

Note: Whenever an affiliate under your down line purchase product at Tripleclicks , you will get 45% Direct Commission.

Example: An order is placed by one of your personally referred TC members that has $23 Commission Volume and 1,725 VP. You earn a $10.35 Direct Commission (45% of $23) and 1,725 shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

So now , you have an Idea that both the combination of Action Versa points and Sale Versa points you can gain 1500 Versa points every month and can become an EA.

To Get a clear picture how to success at SFI , check  SFI Tutorial Video 

ECA Program : when you refer a company to Tripleclicks , you get 10% profit on all sales produce by that company.

Example: If the company refer by you make sale of $1000 in a month, you will get  $100 in your account.

How to get started and what things should keep in mind after sign up?

  1. First Step is to Register your self as an Affiliate with SFI

       To Register Click Here

you will get $20 as a sign up bonus for just joining as an affiliate with SFI. 

2. Become as a Fast Track member to get 10% bonus on your future earnings with in 24 hours of your sign up. ( Example: your earnings in a month is $100, if you are a Fast Track member you will get $10 bonus and your income will be $110)

3) Click the SFI Basics at the top right corner of your SFI Home Page and go through them several times until you understand the four earning options of SFI

4) Always  remain above the Green Line to win.

5) Please Do NOT gain points from Launch pad, Until i say to you. Because the points from Launch pad are to be saved to become an EA2 in your second month.

6) Keep in touch with me through my email and skype every day, so i can guide you. My Contact Details are below.

How to become as a Fast Track member?

Complete the Five Getting  Started actions from the To-Do List page required to become a Fast-Track Member and earn 500 versa points with in 24 hours from your Sign up  .

  1. Valid, confirmed e-mail address
  2. Whitelisting of SFI to ensure e-mail delivery
  3. Completed Affiliate Profile
  4. Account photo uploaded
  5. “Ready to go” commitment to sponsor

How to become a Gold Fast Track Member and what are the benefits of becoming a Gold Fast Track Member?

By Setting a Standing order of 1500 versa points in your first 10 days after you sign up as a Affiliate at SFI, you will become a Gold Fast Track Member.

By Becoming as a Gold Fast Track Member your sign up bonus will increase to $100. As a gold Fast-Track Member, you’ll also be immediately upgraded to EA2 (Executive Affiliate 2) status. As an EA2, you’ll receive 10 free bonus TCredits ($5.90 value) monthly–starting this month, plus other valuable EA2 benefits.

What are TCredits?

TCredits are the currency at Tripleclicks. You can use TCredicts to purchase any product at Tripleclicks. SFI will award TCredits to its Affiliates when they perform certain actions. 

Note: Whenever you Spend a TCredit at Tripleclicks, you will get a versa point and 5 Member Reward Points.

Note: You can also use your Member Reward Points to purchase products at Triplclicks.

Contact :  1 )   ajaybabu2512@gmail.com

                    2)  ajaybabu2512    (skype)  

 Commitment  and “Not to Give Up” are  the most important things in any person life to gain success.

All The Best For Your Success at SFI.